Welcome to the inner thinkings of a 30 year old who loves coffee, baking (yes both making and eating!) and sipping on martinis!

2020 has been an interesting one so far! As I sit here (back in my parents house I know shock horror!) I flit between worry, in a very dramatic Carrie Bradshaw way, that I’ll never work again and gratitude that my parents have allowed their 30 year old daughter to move back home, cause let’s be honest we are all adjusting to the new set up! Now I know everyone is probably about to roll their eyes just as I would reading this, but honestly I feel a certain kind of contentment having spent these past few months locked up in the home where I grew up. When else has there been a time where life practically stops, you are forced to stay at home, forced to give up those all important nights out and dinners in restaurants you waited months to go to. And ultimately forced to take a step back and reconnect with a more simple way of life. Amidst the devastation of the coronavirus that is the small positive I am trying to focus on.

What’s my story then … well I was born and bred in the beautiful Northern Ireland but like many at 18 I left home for university, four years and many many hangovers later I felt I wasn’t really ready to give up the uni life so I travelled from Aberdeen to Manchester to embark on my second degree. Manchester quickly become my home, with my best friend, luckily for me, moving at the same time meant I had the best roommate and we had the time of our lives! Fast forward about 8 years and I’ve made the decision to leave my job and the life I’d built in Manchester to come back to the place that really is home to me. Was it a scary decision, hell yes! Was it the right decision, absolutely! Now in all my planning the one thing I didn’t plan for was a pandemic! So I like everyone else has taken the minute the world forced me to take and what did I realise … I truly do love sitting and drinking a delicious cup of coffee in the morning, I truly do love mixing ingredients together and hearing someone say, “that is really yummy” and I truly do love making (and drinking) cocktails and so triple shot was born!

One day I hope triple shot is somewhere close friends can sit, catch up and enjoy one or all three of my favourite things but for now it is just a little space on the internet where I hope to share some delicious ideas with you all, hopefully with some funny stories thrown in for good measure. 

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