Rosé, s’il vous plait

Does anyone else feel like we’ve not had much of a summer? I’m not sure if it’s because of lockdown but it seems as though we went from spring straight into autumn. I love when the seasons start to change and can’t wait get my cosy jumpers out, but I have missed sitting in beer gardens with friends, having some food and a few drinks until all of a sudden its dark. Despite not being allowed to enjoy this social aspect of summer, this ‘summer’ has brought something new to my life … an appreciation for rosé wine! I have always loved wine, but have always been predominantly a red wine drinker (my dad can be blamed for that). However, this summer has definitely been a summer like no other and to that effect I started drinking rosé wine. Perhaps the reason I continued trying rosé rather than sticking to red or Sauvignon Blanc (on warmer days) was because I began my rosé journey with Miraval.

Miraval is definitely gold tier wine, its dry, crisp and refreshing with slight floral notes. If I could afford to drink Miraval forever then I would, but unfortunately that dream is yet to become a reality, and so my search for a similar, more affordable dry rosé began.

It was a bit of a mind field figuring out what to buy to start with but I quickly found my way. Now, I have a small list of go to rosé wines and I surprisingly find myself grabbing them much faster than I do the old and trusted Sauvignon Blancs, particularly on those lovely, drink in your garden days. If you are someone like me who has never really known where to start with rosé and you have memories of bright and sweet tasting wine you would buy when you were younger I am here to help. Follow my wine picking tips and you will never think of rosé the same again … trust me!

Firstly, its all about location, location, location. Just the same as when you find a nice red or white you enjoy, you will gravitate towards other wines from the same place. Shockingly enough rosé is no different! The nicest rosés I have tried have all been French and have all been Cotes de Provence. If you can’t get your hands on a Cotes de Provence bottle, then my second choice would be a New Zealand, Sauvignon Blanc Blush. If you are anything like me the mention of a blush rosé might make you cringe but if you stick with a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc version you will be on to a winner.

Second top tip is pay attention to colour. Rosé is hugely defined by its colour. It can be so overwhelming standing in the supermarket trying to pick when there are a hundred shades to try and decipher, from pale, almost white pink to salmon pink to bright pink and everything in between. What have I learnt over the last few months … the paler the better! When I’ve grabbed a bottle to try that has had a slightly deeper hue, although always finishing the bottle, I’ve often needed to add ice or its taken me twice as long to drink. So, basically if its nearly translucent put it in your trolley.

Next top tip is know your own preferred taste. Before you head out to your local supermarket or wine shop have an idea of what you like in other wines (and any their drinks for that matter). If you are someone who goes for a fruity cocktail or you enjoy sweeter red and white wines the likelihood is you will prefer a sweet rosé with fruity undertones (if this is the case you should probably do the opposite of everything I’ve said so far!). If you like a crisp gin or a dry white wine, like myself, then it’s going to be dry rosé for you. Why I never thought about it like this before this year, I’m not really sure!

Lastly, don’t forget about rosé completely if you don’t pick the perfect bottle first go (although if you splash out on Miraval or Whispering Angel you will never look back). Oh, and if you really don’t like a bottle you picked don’t suffer your way through it, pour the rest into a jug, add some gin and fruit, and call it a punch!

Here is some of the favourites I’ve tried so far:

  • Miraval
  • Miraval Studio (a slightly more budget friendly Miraval offering)
  • Silver Moki
  • Whispering Angel
  • Mirabeau, Forever Summer (this is Mirabeau’s vegan option)
  • Born Rosé (this is on the fruitier side of dry)
  • Pasqua 11 minutes Rosé
  • Cruset Rosé
  • Arrogant Frog

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