If you are one of those morning people who jumps out of bed as soon as the sun creeps through your window ooooh how I envy you! I have never been a morning person I am the ultimate night owl. I drag myself out of bed for work and I love a weekend lie in! But one thing remains the same whether it’s a working day or not, first thing I do is make a coffee. My love of coffee has grown over many years, when I was young I remember watching my godmother drink coffee with my mum and thinking I hope I like coffee when I’m grown up just like them … well I achieved that goal! And it may have something to do with a summer I spent in Scotland when I was about 16 with my lovely godparents, helping in their B&B, we drank lots of coffees throughout the day. Some quick sips between jobs and some more leisurely with a yummy treat but all delicious. This is really when my love of coffee began.

Over the years I’ve used all the methods, instant, french press, moka pot and now a pump espresso maker. Now that I have a beautiful coffee machine I will never not have one. The difference is unreal, for a coffee lover like myself being able to make whatever type of coffee I fancy in that moment is nothing short of life changing! I have the DeLonghi Dedica Pump Espresso Coffee Maker, and its dinky, sleek and most important pours a great espresso. If you are new to coffee I wouldn’t say this is the machine for you but if you know what you like when it comes to flavour profile and strength then I would highly recommend this particular machine if you are thinking about purchasing a coffee machine for your home.

The world of ground coffee is vast and it can be very overwhelming particularly if you are moving away from instant coffee, or are just discovering how delicious coffee is. What have I learnt over the years? Firstly, looking at the strength of roast is important, I love strong coffee that packs a punch so usually got for a darker roast. Secondly, read what flavour notes are described, if I see rich & nutty or rich with chocolate undertones I’m taking that coffee home with me!


  1. Light to medium roast
  2. Medium roast
  3. Medium to dark roast
  4. Dark roast
  5. Very dark roast


  1. Dry & crisp
  2. Dry & fruity
  3. Dry & full bodied
  4. Smooth & mellow
  5. Smooth & rich
  6. Rich & fruity/sweet
  7. Rich & nutty
  8. Rich & winey with chocolate undertones
  9. Rich & full bodied/heavy liqour
  10. Strong Italian flavour

Once you find the roast and flavour notes that are your favourite, the joy in buying, and drinking coffee at home will be elevated to new levels. I absolutely love finding coffee retailers where you can smell (and sometimes try) different blends, then your coffee is freshly ground and bagged up for you, there isn’t much better than that!


Once you’ve got your go to coffees for home brewing, all that’s left to do is grab your favourite mug ( I’m obsessed with mugs and could probably write a whole post on what makes a great mug!) and enjoy the peacefulness that comes with curling up with a fresh, hot coffee at home.


One thought on “BUT FIRST COFFEE”

  1. Any coffee lover is a friend of mine. I have used about every method know as well. For the past several year for my morning coffee – hard mornings, as in 5 a.m. – I hit my Krups machine up for a doppio. Then on to the drip. Keep on brewing! Thanks

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