If you didn’t make cocktails at home before lockdown then I bet you do now! I have been an at home ‘mixologist’ for quite sometime now and I love being able to make something yummy when friends are over whether it be as an aperitif, after dinner cocktail or just because! For me the cocktail for any occasion is definitely the espresso martini … it’s just perfect! I like all versions of this cocktail, classic and twisted and trust me I’ve done the research. When I go somewhere new I can’t wait to try their version, likewise when I’m in one of favourite bars I’m always looking forward to sipping on a tried and tested espresso martini. It got to the point where I reckoned I had better learn how to make one myself. So I thought easy vodka, coffee, and some coffee liqueur, shake it up and boom delicious cocktail in the comfort of my own home! Well I wasn’t completely right, it was ok, drinkable but not my best work. So I followed the golden rule ‘practice makes perfect’, and now that I’ve mastered it I’m here to give you some tips to save you the trouble!

Once you are confident there’s endless possibilities for mixing up the flavour profile with the addition of, salted caramel, orange, hazelnut, chocolate, coconut, to name a few. My sister and I may have sat in a local bar on a quiet weeknight ‘helping’ bar staff come up with twists on our fav cocktail and I can confirm coconut tequila in an espresso martini is bloody brilliant, but for now I’m talking about a simple, gorgeous, classic espresso martini.

I say classic but actually my first top tip is using dark or spiced rum in place of the vodka. This will give your espresso martini a more rounded taste, while still keeping that kick you know and love from an espresso martini. I’ve used many coffee liqueurs and honestly I don’t think the brand in this case really makes a huge difference to the over all taste, for me it’s a case of what’s in the shop when I’m doing my shopping! The coffee however must be strong, you don’t need a specific coffee machine, or type of coffee just as long as it’s fresh and strong. Top tip: Make the coffee first so it has a little time to cool before you put the ingredients into the shaker. Next up is ice, you might not think ice would be that important but if it’s out of the freezer for to long this will add water to the cocktail which we do not want! Top tip: Putting your ice (and lots of it) into the shaker just before shaking will help give you the distinctive and creamy foam on top.

Into your empty cocktail shaker add 50ml of each ingredient, then pop 4 ice cubes in and shake, shake, shake, if you have a metal shaker you’ll feel it get icy cold this is what you want. Once you’ve shaken vigorously for a few minutes you’re ready to serve it up in your favourite martini glass. Once you’ve poured the only thing left to do is sit down, put your feet up and enjoy! I’m confident these tips will help you make the perfect at home espresso martini as this method has successfully produced espresso martinis in Paris! Just before lockdown me and my best friend had a gorgeous trip to Paris, after exploring the streets with no espresso martinis to be found along the way, we plucked up the courage to ask a barman if in fact espresso martinis existed to Parisians, the answer was sadly no! But not to worry this particular barman was keen to take on the challenge of making Paris’s first espresso martini and lucky for us his English was far superior than either of our French. Off he went with an ingredient list and the method in his head and he returned with martinis so nice we had another round!


To make your espresso martini you will need:

  • A cocktail shaker
  • A cocktail jigger
  • Dark or spiced rum (50ml)
  • Coffee liqueur (50ml)
  • Coffee (50ml)
  • Ice
  • Martini glass

And if you don’t fancy making your own here’s some of my fav places to have an espresso martini:

  • The National, Belfast
  • Ritas, Belfast
  • The Refuge, Manchester
  • Rabble, Edinburgh
  • The Sidecar, Dublin

3 thoughts on “THE ESPRESSO MARTINI”

  1. Awesome tips! Definitely going to try with rum, we always stick to vodka. I like a splash of baileys for extra creamy! Good job on the world domination of espresso martinis, that’s a great story!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I adore an espresso martini but sometimes go decaf so I can have 2 and not be awake all night! I love a pinch of Himalayan salt in mine too. Can’t wait to try your version ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

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