Autumn has arrived in all its golden coloured glory and I couldn’t be happier about it. There is something about autumn that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy, it could be because it’s finally time to pull on cosy jumpers again, or perhaps its going for walks on those sunny days where the air is crisp and cold. One thing I’m certain plays a part in my love of autumn is coffee and bakes get a whole autumnal makeover. Coffee shops have the chance to get creative with their syrups and powders to liven up their lattes and cappuccinos. Alongside the seasonal drinks, the spice cupboard is also raided when it comes to baking, making those savoury or sweet bakes for cosy nights in front of the fire a little bit more exciting!

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Rosé, s’il vous plait

Does anyone else feel like we’ve not had much of a summer? I’m not sure if it’s because of lockdown but it seems as though we went from spring straight into autumn. I love when the seasons start to change and can’t wait get my cosy jumpers out, but I have missed sitting in beer gardens with friends, having some food and a few drinks until all of a sudden its dark. Despite not being allowed to enjoy this social aspect of summer, this ‘summer’ has brought something new to my life … an appreciation for rosé wine! I have always loved wine, but have always been predominantly a red wine drinker (my dad can be blamed for that). However, this summer has definitely been a summer like no other and to that effect I started drinking rosé wine. Perhaps the reason I continued trying rosé rather than sticking to red or Sauvignon Blanc (on warmer days) was because I began my rosé journey with Miraval.

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As triple shot is all about my three favourite things, coffee, bakes and cocktails it is only right that my love of baking gets a little mention of its own. For me, baking is one of the most relaxing things in the world and I’ve loved it since I was young! Luckily for me I have a family full of people who love to bake and they are pretty good at it, in particular my mum. And it’s my mum who taught me many years ago the art of baking, and I’m so glad she did! If you ask anyone close to me they will tell you how much I adore baking, but over lockdown I think my love for baking was really reignited. After living in an apartment with a tiny oven and travelling a lot for work, when I would bake I found myself sticking to old favourites I could do without thinking. Things like cheesecakes and brownies, while absolutely delicious were unfortunately, no longer a challenge for me to make. Like most of the population I used the lockdown months to change this, being back at home meant I not only had the use of a much bigger oven but also all of Nigella Lawson’s recipe books at my disposal … it was heavenly! I started with things that I hadn’t made in a long time and worked my way up to new and very exciting bakes.

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If you are one of those morning people who jumps out of bed as soon as the sun creeps through your window ooooh how I envy you! I have never been a morning person I am the ultimate night owl. I drag myself out of bed for work and I love a weekend lie in! But one thing remains the same whether it’s a working day or not, first thing I do is make a coffee. My love of coffee has grown over many years, when I was young I remember watching my godmother drink coffee with my mum and thinking I hope I like coffee when I’m grown up just like them … well I achieved that goal! And it may have something to do with a summer I spent in Scotland when I was about 16 with my lovely godparents, helping in their B&B, we drank lots of coffees throughout the day. Some quick sips between jobs and some more leisurely with a yummy treat but all delicious. This is really when my love of coffee began.

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If you didn’t make cocktails at home before lockdown then I bet you do now! I have been an at home ‘mixologist’ for quite sometime now and I love being able to make something yummy when friends are over whether it be as an aperitif, after dinner cocktail or just because! For me the cocktail for any occasion is definitely the espresso martini … it’s just perfect! I like all versions of this cocktail, classic and twisted and trust me I’ve done the research. When I go somewhere new I can’t wait to try their version, likewise when I’m in one of favourite bars I’m always looking forward to sipping on a tried and tested espresso martini. It got to the point where I reckoned I had better learn how to make one myself. So I thought easy vodka, coffee, and some coffee liqueur, shake it up and boom delicious cocktail in the comfort of my own home! Well I wasn’t completely right, it was ok, drinkable but not my best work. So I followed the golden rule ‘practice makes perfect’, and now that I’ve mastered it I’m here to give you some tips to save you the trouble!

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